August 25, 2020

Mission.Earth 2.0: A More Robust Platform​

We are excited to announce our restart and the implementation of some important changes to the Mission.Earth platform that we will be rolling out in August and September 2020.

     We are at a critical moment in history;  the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest and an awakening to social, economic and racial injustice, a contentious election and the growing support for the Black Lives Matter movement have made the work of our partners more important now than ever before. Mission.Earth will be expanding operations in order to provide a more robust selection of services and to increase our project capacity to address the critical needs at-hand.
For starters:

  1. We are partnering with WeDidIt to provide more access and flexibility for our partners. The WeDidIt platform will enable more control over your online presence, and streamline activities such as collection of online donations, monitoring your online fundraising accounts and planning and executing events. Please look to your inbox for an invitation to set up your organization’s account and donation pages through WeDidIt. The current donation pages will be deactivated September 25th.
  2. We are implementing an expense-card system using Divvy to streamline your access to project funds. This way, you will be able to access and use your accumulated funds with greater ease and flexibility.
  3. We are expanding our resource and communications hub with Slack so that you may connect and collaborate more freely with your team, share resources and successes with other Mission.Earth partners, and connect efficiently with the Mission.Earth team for support.
  4. Harry Meltzer has joined the team as the new Operations Associate. In this role, he will be operating day-to-day needs of Mission.Earth, updating and monitoring accounts, and providing administrative support to Mission.Earth Partners. Harry will also support your transition to these new platforms.

     We are inspired by the increased action and impact that we will support with these investments. Mission.Earth will be adjusting administrative fees beginning August 2020 for all partners. The new administrative fees are detailed on the Pricing page of the Mission.Earth website. We retain our commitment to supporting projects of all sizes and types; we continue to charge no startup fee and require no minimum fundraising amounts. 

     It is our duty, pleasure and privilege to support the work of changemakers like you. At Mission.Earth, we are committed to deepening your impact with more robust services and expanding our impact to include more partners.

     Thank you for your commitment to your cause. We look forward to growing with you.


The Mission.Earth Team